Why use WordPress for your Website CMS

At Tilde32 we enjoy working with WordPress and using it as a Content Management System (CMS) for websites. Below are a few reasons that you should use it for your Website.

Before we start discussing the reasons, for those who have not heard of WordPress before it is an open source content management system that will allow both technical and non technical people to edit and maintain content for a website.

WordPress is Open Source and Free

It can’t get any easier to select software when the price is free. WordPress is an open-source CMS platform that is maintained by AutoMattic. You can go to WordPress.org and download the code and start using it right away. To use WordPress you only need to download the software, select a web host, and choose a theme. (If you need a host, tilde32 can host your site for you). Because it is open-source you can customize WordPress however you like, adding features or changing code.


WordPress is developed with security as a focus, and it is considered to be a secure and safe platform to run your website or eCommerce site. In addition to frequent security updates and patches, there are additional plugins that focus on securing your website. Tilde32 recommends Sucuri and ithemes security plugins.

If you want to run a tight ship, the single best thing you can do is make sure WordPress is always up to date. That includes the CMS itself, as well as any additional components you use (such as themes and plugins).

Staying secure is very important on the internet. This is where Tilde32 can help you maintain your website. WordPress is always pushing out new security patches and updates. Tilde32 will monitor, backup, evaluate, and install these patches and security updates. Take a look at our WordPress Maintenance plan.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website get the traffic it deserves from sites like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. WordPress is developed with SEO in mind, it is structured to be compliant with search engines. In addition, there are great plugins that will help evaluate your website’s SEO status and provide recommendations and suggestions.

Runs the Internet

Ok not really, but in terms of popularity and usage, WordPress is a large percentage. 30% of websites on the internet use WordPress. Some of the Top sites on the Internet use WordPress (NewYorker, Bloomberg, BBC America, TechCrunch, etc). 60% of sites using a CMS use WordPress. All this to show that WordPress is reliable, popular, and proven. Because of this, there are a vast number of WordPress Developers who can help develop, maintain, and build plug-ins.

Easy to use

WordPress allows you to edit content, add photos/media, add pages, and blog posts to your website. There are many tutorials that will show you the basics of WordPress in addition to complex topics and integrations. WordPress is easy to use and create content even for non-technical users.

Functionality and Integration

WordPress is very customizable. The platform provides the ability to use plugins to extend the functionality and allow for integration. There are more than 55,000 plugins you can access  WordPress.org (both free and premium) . If you need your website to work with another platform or system it is very likely that someone has created a plugin for WordPress. If an integration does not exist there are many developers who can help create one for you.

Selecting WordPress

As you can see from the above, WordPress is a solid platform for your website. If you have questions if WordPress is the right platform for you please contact us. Tilde32 offers WordPress installations, development and consulting.