About Tilde32

Tilde 32 was founded in 2001 to provide technology and application services to meet the needs of small and medium size business.   Located in sunny Grand Rapids, Michigan (depending upon what season we are in).    The team has over 20 years experience in the computer and technology field.  

Tilde32 has focused a lot of time being a great WordPress support and maintenance process.  We help provide a piece of mind, so you know your site is Secure, Up to date, and optimized.

Tilde32 has multiple Skills and disciplines  range from Microsoft technologies to open source Linux. We offer an open view and approach to provide solutions for you business.  Specializing in Security, Networking, programing, web development, and mobile development.

From securing a small wireless network to a developing scaleable enterprise application we can help you implement technology.  We strive to take our years of experience and  knowledge to help further technology in West Michigan.  If you have any questions or comments please drop us a line .

Tilde has been able to help our clients in social marketing as well. Give us a call and let us explain what we do.  (616) 828-0327

Who is Tilde32:

A Grand Rapids based technology and business consulting company.  Providing WordPress hosting application development and website maintenance for your business.  Let us help you succeed.  We love technology and development.   From mobile applications to sophisticated applications, contact us today for a discussion.

What do we do?

Tilde32 has spent the last 10 years working to develop solid applications and development processes.   So what do you really do? We build great web sites, mobile applications, host sites / applications, and help business with their technology.   In the last year we have built multiple ecommerce sites, built a live streaming church site, and built an advanced mobile app.

Why use Tilde32?

Tilde32 is local to Grand Rapids, we are dedicated to our customers and clients.  We are focused on being honest and working with our customers (just ask them).     

Providing WordPress Maintenance and Support. Tilde32 can develop your next App, Website, or solution.

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